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HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.13 Taranagar - Afternoon With The Saints

Published: 23.02.2007
Updated: 30.07.2015

21st November 2006, 15:30 - 16:30

The courtyard was filled with people and activities, when we entered. The saints, members of the families they originated from, and lay followers were there. They talked together, got or gave lessons or were engaged in reading the scriptures. From the nearby assembly tent, we heard some singing.

Nun giving lesson to young monks

Two young monks were sitting in front of one Samani who explained something to them. In the background, Sadhvishrees and Samanijis talked with people of their acquaintance. One Sadhvi talked to a layperson, perhaps a member of her worldly family. One young monk talked to two Sadhvishrees and two ladies, they seemed to know each other very well, probably members of the same family. Later on, a third Sadhvi joined the little group.

Sometimes, several members of one family get ordained. When we saw monks and nun talking together, they were brother and sister in worldly relations. Generally, members of the same family meet once a year and relatives visit their ordained former family members once a year as well.

Audience of Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living)students Audience of Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living) students

In the assembly tent a gathering of several hundred students of ‘Science of Living’ (Jeevan Vigyan) took place. Due to language limitation, we can neither report on subject nor give other details, but add a short video clip:


We went back to the courtyard and met a young monk who was knotting his broom; in front of him sat a little boy. Another monk read some article and a second one knotted his broom in a meditative way.

One Muni sat in the midst of twenty people, mainly women and children; they all were reciting some Sutra and apparently happy to know it by heart now.

To us, this afternoon in the courtyard reflected the fourfold Jain community at its best; their different impressions formed a spiritual composition consisting of being in connection with the self, being in connection with others, studies and teachings, under the wings of Ahimsa.

Yuvacharya Mahashramanji & monks surrounded by layfollowers Yuvacharya Mahashramanji

It was not easy for Yuvacharyashree to cross the courtyard. Many visitors felt attracted towards him and started talking to him from different sides. The young Munis of his company tried to get him passed without too much stopover in the courtyard, as he apparently was on his way to the assembly tent to be present at the function.


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