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Childhood Is The Foundation Of Life

Published: 19.02.2007
Updated: 15.02.2008

The stage of adolescence is better than that of sensibility because it's our simplicity that resolves the complex problems of our lives

Jain Acharya taught the philosophy of purity, which says, "I retrospect my past, criticise my earlier misdeeds and wish to be free from it." Though it is purely a philosophy of spirituality, it is equally applicable to medical science. A psychologist, too, takes the help of this system and resolves the problems.

Jesus said, "One who is innocent like a child will go to the kingdom of heaven." A child is not considered wicked. If a child indulges in shrewdness, even then he is considered innocent. The state of childhood is always believed to be free from illusion.

The child neither remembers his praise nor his condemnation. In a moment, he quarrels with his companion, and the very next moment he will sit along with him or her and eat.

A grandfather and grandson were sitting together in a room. The telephone bell rang and the child picked up the receiver. The child said to his grandfather, "Some gentle-man wants to speak to you." The grandfather said, "Tell him that I have gone to the market." The child respond-ed instantly, "Hello, my grandfather is telling me to say that he has gone to the market." This is the simplicity of the child.

In childhood, perceptions are not manifest. It is quite imperative to reach that state. As long as lust, anger and the impulse of greed remain active, meditation is not possible. A meditator is merely a practitioner, not a master. He does have impulses of ego, greed, treachery, hatred, jealousy and lust. These emotions cannot be given up easily. The very objective of meditation is to get rid of these impulses.

Everyone experiences several kinds of waves, due to the fickleness of their mind. These waves keep rising sometime or the other and affect him. A meditator is able to calm these impulses. Meditation is the process of calming these impulses and making them ineffective. Fear is one of the impulses that succeeds only when man runs away from it and then fear keeps dogging him. As soon as man gathers his wits together and confronts the fear, it becomes ineffective and passive.

Unfortunately, man is inclined to exaggerate every situation in life. He makes mountain out of a molehill. When he realistically con-fronts the situation, it becomes easy to handle. So the process of perceiving is a very important activity.

We view the past, the future and the present. Today we are discussing the philosophy of viewing the past, that is, the state of childhood. We are discussing the process of perceiving childhood. A person who perceives his childhood unfolds a lot of secrets of life and his personality becomes unique. In that state, man realises himself in true sense.

Our present life is the outcome of our past actions. I must perceive that state of my childhood, which has contributed to my present state. The fruits cannot be destroyed but the roots of the tendencies can be destroyed. A normal man tries to destroy the outcome but he never succeeds. A meditator does not bother about the outcome and he endeavours to destroy the tendency that causes the undesirable outcome.

The basis of our personality is childhood, where the seeds were actually sown. Only by reaching there, we can drop the undesirable inclinations. Childhood is the foundation of our life. We must reach that foundation.

The past has to be analysed. We have to keep digging into the past till we reach the state of our childhood. The day we reach that state, we shall clearly know ourselves. One will understand the past actions, which have resulted in the present status of the self. The above issues give a new direction to life.


Lalit Garg, The Pioneer

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