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Published: 17.01.2018
Updated: 18.01.2018

The four-canonical works viz., Niśītha, Vyavahāra, Kalpa and Daśā come under the category of Chedasūtra;

these texts deal with the seven organisational posts, the dos and don'ts of ascetic conduct and directives on the procedure of Prāyaścitta (expiation).

.... āyarie vā uvajjhāe vā pavattī vā there vā gaṇī vā gaṇahare vā gaṇāvaccheie vā......

(Ka 3.13)

cheyasuyaṃ........jamhā ettha sapāyacchitto vidhi bhaṇṇati, jamhā ya teṇa caraṇavisuddhī kareti, tamhā taṃ uttamatvaṃ.

(NiBhā 6184 p. 253)

kappa-vavahāra-kappiyākappiya-cullakappa-mahākappsuya-nisīhāiesu chedasuttesu aivitthareṇa pacchittaṃ bhaṇiyaṃ.

(JīCū p.1)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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