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Published: 17.01.2017

1. A type of birth.

The vertebrate are threefold, viz., Jarāyuja (those born with membreneous envelope called placenta), Aṇḍaja (oviparous) and Potaja (those born without any covering); they take birth from Garbha (2).

garbhopapātasaṃmūrcchanāni janma. jarāyvaṇḍapotajānāṃ garbhaḥ.

(Jaisidī 3.14,15)

2. That uterus, in which the combination of semen and ovum takes place. Or in which rasa (fluid which is one of the seven essential ingredients of the body) from the aliment taken in by the mother, is appropriated by the foetus.

yatra śukraśoṇitayoḥ striyā udaramupagatayorgaraṇaṃ miśraṇaṃ bhavati sa garbhaḥ.

(TaVā 2.31)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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