Published: 27.10.2016
Updated: 27.10.2016
  1. A type of Māṇḍalika Doṣa (blemish incurred at the time of eating meals);

taking meals (by an ascetic) without a licit grounds as prescribed in the Āgamas (canonical works).

chahim kāranehim asanam āhāramto vi āyaradi dhammam... veyanavejjāvacce kiriyāthāne ya samjamatthāe. taahapanadhammacimtā kujjāedehim āhāram...niskaranam yadi bhunkte bhojyādikam tadā doṣaḥ.

(Mūlā 478, 479 Vṛ p. 369)

  1. A type of fault (or fallacy) in Vāda (polemics);

to consider a part of the cause as the whole cause, simply because it is an antecedent condition.

kāranam paroksārthanirnayanimittamupapattimatram, yathā- nirupamasukhah siddho inānanabadhaprakarsāt.

(Sthā 10.94 Vṛ Pa 467)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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