Published: 14.10.2016

The Virya (3) (spiritual energy) of the Jīva (soul), which is the cause of bringing about changes in the eight states of Karma, viz., Bandhana (bondage), Saṃkramaṇa (transference), Udvarttanā (augmentation), Apavarttanā (attenuation), Udīraṇā (premature rise), Upaśama (subsidence), Niddhati (incapacitation of other Karmakaraṇas (spiritual energy qua transformations of Karma) except Udvartana and Apavartana), Nikācanā (incapacitation of all other Karmakaraṇas).

baṃdhaṇa saṃkamaṇuvvaṭṭanā ya avavaṭṭaṇā udīraṇayā.

uvasāmaṇā nihattī nikāyaṇāca tti karaṇāiṃ...

(Kapra 2)

karmaviṣayaṃ karaṇaṃ- jīvavīryaṃ bandhana- saṃkramaṇādinimittabhūtaṃ karmakaranam.

(Bhaga 6.5 Vṛ)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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