Uddhāra Palyopama

Published: 15.09.2016

A time-unit of innumerable years.

It is of two kinds—1. Vyāvahārika (empirical), 2. Sukṣma (subtle).

Vyāvahārika Uddhāra Palyopama: There is a cylindrical pit (or vessel) measuring one yojana each in length, breadth and height, and with a circumference of slightly more than three yojanas. It is made cram-full with the billions of hair-tips of the children of the age of one day upto seven days. Every Samaya (the smallest time-unit) a single hair-tip is removed from it. The total period of time that elapses for emptying it completely is called Vyāvahārika Uddhāra Palyopama. It is of no use (purpose); only for the sake of propounding, it is propounded.

Sukṣma Uddhāra Palyopama: Each hair-tip (referred to in the above definition) is cut into innumerable pieces and the cylindrical vessel of the size mentioned above is made cram-full with these hair-pieces. Every Samaya (the smallest time-unit), a single piece is removed from the vessel. The total period of time that elapses for emptying it completely is called

"Sukṣma Uddhāra Palyopama".

uddhārapaliovame duvihe paṇṇatte, taṃ jahā- suhume ya vāvahārie ya.

tattha ṇaṃ je se vāvahārie, se jahānāmae palle siyā- joyaṇaṃ āyāma-vikkhaṃbheṇaṃ, joya- ṇaṃ uḍḍham uccatteṇaṃ, taṃ tiguṇaṃ savisesaṃ parikkheveṇaṃ, se ṇaṃ palle-


egāhiya-beyāhiya-teyāhiya, ukkoseṇaṃ sattarattapamḍhāṇaṃ.

sammaṭṭhe sannicite, bharie vālaggakoḍīṇaṃ te ṇaṃ vālagge no aggī ḍahejjā, no vāū harejjā, no kucchejjā, no palividdhaṃsejjā, no pūittāe havvamāgacchejjā. tao ṇaṃ samae-samae egamegaṃ vālaggaṃ avahāya jāvaieṇaṃ kāleṇaṃ se palle khīṇe nīrae nilleve niṭṭhie bhavai, se taṃ vāvahārie uddhārapaliovame.

...suhume uddhārapaliovame- se jahānāmae palle siyā- joyaṇaṃ āyāma-vikkhaṃbhe-ṇaṃ, joyaṇaṃ uḍḍham uccatteṇaṃ, taṃ tiguṇaṃ savisesaṃ parikkheveṇaṃ; se ṇaṃ palle-


egāhiya-beyāhiya-teyāhiya, ukkoseṇaṃ sattarattaparūḍhāṇaṃ.

samaṭṭhe sannicitte, bharie vālaggakoḍiṇaṃ...

tattha ṇaṃ egamege vālagge asaṃkhejjāiṃ khaṃḍāiṃ kajjai, te ṇaṃ vālaggā diṭṭhīogāhaṇāo asaṃkliejjaibhāgamettā suhumassa panagajīvassa sarirogāhaṇāo asamkhejjagunā. te nam vālagge no aggī dahejjā, no vāū harejjā, tao nam samae-samae egamegam vālaggam avahāya jāvaienam kālenam se palle khīne nīrae nilleve nitthie bhavai, se tam suhume uddhārapaliovame.

(Anu 420,422,424)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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