The Psychology of Enlightenment

Published: 14.02.2014
Updated: 18.02.2014

Meditations on the Seven Energy Centers

The world is divided into three kinds of people. First and most common are those whose life-energy is spent killing time. For them, life has no meaning other than eating and drinking and grasping for enjoyment, which always eludes them. They are like human machines, seeing and suspecting nothing beyond the limited scope of their own machine. Killing time, they kill their own energy and drain the energy of those around them. Time merely passes for them.

The second kinds are of those who want to do something with their time and energy, but don’t know what to do. They are confused in their pursuit of various techniques and books and in their choice of paths. Lacking direction, they do not grow. Thorough they may read a great deal, their reading does not bring inner nourishment. These people lack the sense of discrimination. So their search leads nowhere.

The third kinds are those individuals who turn to their own inner experience for counsel. They have embarked on a real journey to the inner self, wherein lie all life’s answers. They know that if the answer is not found within, it surely cannot be found anywhere outside....



Gurudev Chitrabhanu

Publisher: Jain Pub Co
Edition: 1994
Read online: The Psychology of Enlightenment
Pages: 92
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