The Chicago-Prashnottar: 99-103 Questions & Answers

Published: 06.08.2011
Updated: 07.08.2011

99. Question:

What are the mutual relations of faiths or Dharma?


Dharma is related to the soul as subject and attribute and truth is the connecting link of all the religions in the world and it is truth which is loved.

100. Question:

In what way is the Dharma connected with physical science, arts and literature?


Dharma is related to the physical science as knowledge and knowable, to arts which are not above suspicions, as some thing to be avoided and to arts which are innocent, as acceptable, to literature which promotes spiritual knowledge and vision.

101. Question:

In what way can religious books, natural science, political economy and sociology help the Dharma shāstra?


By religious books I mean the sacred books of every religion. The truth in every sacred book is helpful to the pro­gress of righteousness and the untruth therein is a sort of set back to it. The books on physical science disclose many of the infinite forces which are mentioned in the religious books to be working by combination of matter and force. Conse­quently the books on physical science help in supporting the truth contained in the sacred love. By Jivan shāstra, I mean po­litical economy. If money is earned by honest means, jivan shāstra is helpful in furthering the object of dharma shāstra. If money is earned by dishonest means, it would cause sin and it goes against dharma shāstra. The Vaidik shāstra is helpful in spreading dharma shāstra by removing diseases. By samajik shastra I mean niti shāstra. As niti shāstra makes man do work lawfully in the world it promotes the injunctions of the dharma shāstra. Consequently niti shāstra is also helpful to the dharma shāstra.

102. Question:

In what manner can religious books help the other scientific books? What is the connection between dharma and music?


The dharma shāstra helps the shāstras of other sciences only to a small extent and not entirely. The dharma shāstra is help­ful to all that is written in the shāstra of other sciences according as it supports or is antagonistic to them. The praise of Parmeshwar, teacher and dharma or the attributes of dharma and the virtues of a dharmic person in verse, song or music causes the belief of a hearer to be firm in dharma and stores good karmas for him and causes the destruction of karmas and punya bandha to the singer. One who sings a song exciting delusion or lust would have the bondage of sin and would be degenerated in the next life.

103. Question:

How far is dharma effective in perfectly purifying human being?


Dharma has a very great effect in this respect in as much as it is dharma which can make a human being attain Ishvar-pad. No stage is higher or purer than this.


The Chicago-Prashnottar

Translator & Publisher:
Atmanand Jain Pustak Pracharak Mandal, Roshan Mohalla, Agra.

Edition: 1918 (1st Edition - 500 books)

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