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Kshina Moha

Published: 22.05.2011
Updated: 22.12.2011
Kshina Kashāy, Kṣīṇa-moha

12. stage of 14 Gunasthānas

Devoid of delusion,

The state attained for a short period of time when all pas­sions are eliminated through the destruction of all mohanīya karmas. In this stage, the remaining three varieties of destructive karmas are eliminated. These include all knowledge-obscuring (jñānāvaraṇīya) karmas, perception-obscuring (darśanāvaraṇīya) karmas, and obstruct­ing (antarāya) karmas. The soul will not fall into any of the lower states. It proceeds to the 13th gunasthāṇa.


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