Mount Meru

Published: 06.05.2011
Updated: 11.04.2017

Mount Meru, (Sanskrit: मेरु; also called Sumeru i.e the "Excellent Meru") is a sacred mountain in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cosmology, and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.

  • As the center of madhya lok.a ("middle earth" i.e. the world where human beings live) it is a common motif of Jaina Painting. Furthermore, many Hindu and Jain temples have been built as symbolic representations of this mountain.
  • It is also the abode of Lord Brahma and the Demi-Gods (Devas).
  • The mountain is said to be 84,000 Yojanas high (which is around 1,082,000 km, or 85 Earths's diameter).

Figure: Painting of Mount Meru from Samghayanarayana loose-leaf manuscript India; ca. 17th century Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper.


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