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Published: 30.01.2011
Updated: 22.12.2011
Kshullaka, Kshullakha

A kshullak or kshullaka

lit. small or junior

is a junior Digambar Jain monk. A kshullak wears two garments as opposed to a full monk who wears no clothes.

A kshullak is sometimes accorded the title Varni, when they are engaged in studying and teaching.

Well known kshullakas include:

  • Kshullakas Ganesh Varni
  • Kshullaka Jinendra Varni

A Digambara Jain shravaka at the highest rank of 11th pratima is either a kshullaka or an ailaka. He is just one step below a full muni. His conduct is prescribed in Vasunandi Shravakachara and Lati Samhita.

A kshullaka wears a loin cloth (kaupina) and a white rectangular cloth as a wrap. An ailak uses only a loin cloth.

A kshullaka may live in a house or may be a wanderer. He may eat food placed in his palms, or from a container. He eats once a day. He may beg from a single house or from multiple ones.

A kshullaka may keep a yajnopavita and a shikha. In Jain tradition, Narada muni is assumed to be a kshullaka Jain monk.

Kolhapur in Maharashtra was also once known as Kshullakapur because of the presence of a large number of Jain monks during the Shilahara rule.


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