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Scientific Vision Of Lord Mahāvīra

Published: 01.02.2010
Updated: 31.07.2012
Scientific Vision Of Lord Mahavira

The Jain Scripture Bhagavatī Sūtra (Bh.S.) occupies probably the foremost position if we set out to enlist books with ample possibilities of the study of philosophy and science.

Though the basic object of the Bh.S. is to explore the subtle mysteries of philosophy and spirituality, yet at many places there are significant scientific discourses. For example, the Bh.S. describes cosmology, matter, space, time, the medium of motion and the medium of rest, velocity, energy black hole etc. All these pertain to Physics and have been treated quite at length.

Dr. Samani Chaitanya Pragya


Dr. Samani Chaitanya Pragya

Publisher: Jain Vishva Barati, Ladnun, India
Edition: 1st Edition 2005
Read online: Scientific Vision Of Lord Mahāvīra
Pages:  195
Dimensions:  24.40 x 16.00 x 2.00 cm (W x H x D)
Weight:  400 g


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