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12 Vows Of A Householder

Published: 31.08.2006
Updated: 26.11.2013
Twelve Vows Of A Householder

Anuvratas [anu = small, vrat = vow]

The 12 vows for householders are followed relatively to the possibilities/abilities a householder has in his daily life,where as the basic 5 Vows Of Monks & Nuns are to be followed absolutely.

1 Ahimsa-vrata Refrain from gross violence
2 Satya-vrata Refrain from gross untruth
3 Asteya-vrata Non-stealing
4 Brahma-vrata Celibacy
5 Aparigraha-vrata Non-possessiveness & non-attachment
6 Dig-vrata Restriction in activities in various directions
7 Bhogopabhoga-parimana-vrata Limiting objects of daily use
8 Anartha-danda-vrata Refraining from negative activities (like gambling etc.)
9 Samayika-vrata Obtaining equanimity (contemplation)
10 Desavakasika-vrata Keeping limits on consumable and non-consumable goods for certain durations
11 Posadhopavasa-vrata Fasting, praying and temporarily living like a monk or nun - in a spiritual place for at least 24 hours
12 Dana-vrata Offering food and shelter to monks and nuns.

Compilation by JVB London [Terapanth]


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