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Sardar-shahr, Sardarsahar, Sardarshahr

Sardarshahar, Rajasthan, India

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Sardarshahr town is a part of district Churu in Rajasthan and it is situated 260 Km from Jaipur. 45 kilometers from Ratangarh.

Main Attractions of the Town

Graduating in 1831 from a mere village, this little town assumed the title of Sardarshahar (chief town). This enchanting desert town of Rajthan is mostly inhabited by the Oswal Jain merchant community and has elegant havelis adorned with colourful paintings and carved woodwork. It also has a small fort that now houses the government offices.

Anoop Chand Birdichand Jammer Haveli

The Anoop Chand Birdichand Jammer Haveli though founded in 1873 has paintings dating from the 20th century. The east wall of the mansion has a frieze depicting the story of Pabuji, the hero who introduced camel into Rajasthan. The mural shows some horsemen herding cows. The forecourt of the haveli has some interesting paintings while the next door tibari has a homely scene of an ongoing party. The mansion also has some amusing paintings - one is that of a ship with the manufacturing credentials (made in Germany) upside down.

Jammer Haveli

The Jammer Haveli has some nice paintings from c.1900 that depict scenes from the Mahabharata. One has Bhima shaking a tree in which his arch rivals the Kaurava brothers are hiding. Apparently Bhima shakes the tree so hard that the painter presents the Kauravas falling off like fruits. The hero Pabuji is also displayed in one of these spectacular paintings. The Haveli of Chandmal Budhmal Nahata is a big mansion with two storeys and was built around 1900. It lies very near the Jammer Haveli and has quite a few exquisite friezes on the walls of the forecourt, the baithak (sitting room) and also on the exterior walls.

Famous For Ayurved Institution

The town of Sardarshahar is famous yet again for its Shri Bhanwarlal Dugar Ayurved Vishwabharati. This institute offers a course in BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda and Medical Surgery) under Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Founded in 1950 by Shri Kanahiyalal Dugar, it later merged with Gandhi Vidya Mandir.


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