Healing Power Of Namokar Mahamantra

Published: 24.04.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015


Namokar Mantra has the power to free an individual from the evil planetary influence. If a person recites namo arihantanam, it proves very useful in controlling the element of the water in the body. It can also remove the obstacles created by the Chandra and shukra. The recitation of namo siddhanam can control agni tatva, (the element of fire) and can also rid the individual of the ailments caused by this element. It can also remove the barriers created by the planets surya and mangal. The line namo ayariyanam (I bow before acharyas) has in it the power to control the diseases caused by the akash and remove the obstacles created by the planet brihaspati. If one chants namo uvvjjhyanam (I bow before the spiritual teachers), the recitation will control the diseases created by the element of prithvi and can remove the obstacles created by the planet mercury. The chanting of namo loe savva sahunam (I bow before any ascetic of the world) can cure a person from the disease caused by vayu tatva and can remove the obstacles created by shani and rahu/ketu.


Praveen Jain Kochar

Publisher: Patrika Publication, 409 Laxmi Complex, M. I. Road, Jaipur - 302 001, India, Mobile: 9928024883
ISBN: 978-93-80271-56-9
Edition: 2010
INR: 225/-
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