An Introduction to Preksha Meditation: [28] Literature on Preksha Meditation

Published: 20.11.2009
Updated: 02.07.2015

Literature on Preksha Meditation

Theoretical knowledge and systematic practice both are necessary for realizing the full benefits from Preksha Meditation. Theoretical knowledge can be gained through vast and diverse range of literature on Preksha Meditation that has been published in several languages and is available to the practitioner. For practical guidance and experience however, camps are the best places.

Books on Preksha Meditation
1. Preksha Dhyana: Basic principles
2. Preksha Dhyana: Perception of breathing
3. Preksha Dhyana: Perception of body
4. Preksha Dhyana: Perception of psychic centres
5. Preksha Dhyana: Perception of psychic colours
6. Preksha Dhyana: Contemplation and auto-suggestion
7. Preksha Dhyana: Therapeutic thinking
8. Preksha Dhyana: Anatomy and physiology
9. Preksha Dhyana: Theory and practice
10. Preksha Dhyana: Self-awareness by relaxation

Books Based on Discourses on Preksha Meditation
1. The mirror of the self
2. Abstract thinking
3. Mind beyond mind
4. New man: new world
5. Towards inner harmony
6. The art of positive thinking
7. Happy and harmonious family
8. Why meditate?

2009 (1st)
© Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, Raj. India
ISBN: 81-7195-136-8
Shivani Bothra, Sanjeev Bothra

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  1. Abstract Thinking
  2. Body
  3. Contemplation
  4. Dhyana
  5. Happy and Harmonious Family
  6. Meditation
  7. Mind Beyond Mind
  8. Perception Of Body
  9. Perception of Breathing
  10. Perception of Psychic Centres
  11. Perception of Psychic Colours
  12. Preksha
  13. Preksha Dhyana
  14. Preksha Meditation
  15. Psychic Centres
  16. Psychic Colours
  17. The Art Of Positive Thinking
  18. The Mirror Of The Self
  19. Towards Inner Harmony
  20. Why Meditate?
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