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An Introduction to Preksha Meditation: [24] Anand Bhaavana

Published: 16.11.2009

Anand  Bhaavana

The highest and greatest achievement of life is attainment of inner-bliss that can be realized only after the development of spiritual consciousness. Anand Bhavana is recited daily during each Preksha mediation camp.

Anando me varshati, varshati
Bliss is flooding my inner being

No me dukkham, No me dukkham
I suffer nothing, nothing at all

Shantam chittam, Labdham, labdham
My mind is calm, perfectly calm

No me taapah, No me taapah
I have no regrets, no regrets at all

Shaktih srotah, praadurbhuutam
My inner power is manifesting itself

No me dainyam, No me dainyam
My distress is over, is over

Antah chakshu, Labdham, labdham
My inner vision is awakened, is awakened

No me raatrih, No me raatrih
Now there is no darkness, no darkness

No me dukkham, No me tapah
I have neither pain nor regrets

No me dukkham, No me raatrih
I have neither distress nor darkness

Shaantah krodhah, Shaantam maanam
My anger is gone, my mind is calm

Shaanta maya, Shaanto lobhah
My illusions have faded, my greed is overcome

Shaantam paapam, Udita shaantih
My vices have reduced, my power is manifested

Uditaa rijutaa, Uditaa mridutaa
Simplicity and humility are manifested

Uditaa tushtih, Udito dharmah
Amity has been born, humility achieved

No me dukham, No me taapah
I have no suffering, no regrets

No me dainyam, No me raatrih
My suffering has vanished, the night is over

Udito dharmah, Muditam chittam
Contentment envelops me, I have attained spirituality

Muditam chittam, Muditam chittam
I have attained spirituality, my mind is blissful
Blissful, blissful, blissful...


2009 (1st)
© Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, Raj. India
ISBN: 81-7195-136-8
Shivani Bothra, Sanjeev Bothra

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