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An Introduction to Preksha Meditation: [21] Animesh Preksha

Published: 13.11.2009


I.  Sankalp Sutra (Resolve for meditation):

In order to avoid distractions and achieve deep state of meditation, one should make a strong resolution.
The resolve for meditation:

'I am practicing Preksha Meditation for the purification of my psyche.'

Repeat three times.

II. Dhyeya Sutra (Aphorism of Purpose):

The practitioner must fix his goal as to what he would like to achieve through meditation. The aim of Preksha Meditation is to achieve self-realization, an experience of pure consciousness.

Recite the Dhyeya Sutra:

'Sarnpikkhae Appagamappaenam'.
'See yourself through yourself. For the perception and realization of self, practice Preksha Meditation.'

Repeat three times.

III.    Vivek Sutra (Adoption aphorism):

The truth that is searched out and found by others can be guiding light for us to some extent. However, one has to search the absolute truth by oneself that can lead to amity towards all beings.
With hands folded at Anand kendra, recite the Vivek Sutra:

'Appana Sacchamesejja Mettim Bhuyesu Kappae'.
'Search truth yourself and befriend to all living beings'.
Repeat three times.

IV.     Knowledge is fruitful when knowing and practice both go together

'Ahamsu Vijja, Charanam Pamokkham'
For getting freedom from sufferings, practice knowledge and conduct.

Repeat three times.

V.  Sharan Sutra (Aphorism of refuge):

We face lots of obstacles in our life. Therefore, we need a protective armour. To get that, one should take refuge and shelter of those who are not bound by the obstacles.

Recite the Sharan Sutra three times

  • Arahamte Sharanam Pavajjami
  • Siddhe Sharanam Pavajjami
  • Sahu Sharanam Pavajjami
  • Kevali Pannattam Dhammam Sharanam Pavajjami

  • I take refuge in the omniscient ones (who have attained absolute knowledge and have established the religious order).
  • I take refuge in the emancipated ones (who have attained absolute knowledge and are free from the cycle of birth and death)
  • I take refuge in the saints
  • I take refuge in the religion propounded by the omniscient one

VI. Vande Sacham:

The soul residing in oneself is the real truth and that truth is the universal law. To pay homage to the soul is to pay homage to pure consciousness.

•   I pay homage to the truth

2009 (1st)
© Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, Raj. India
ISBN: 81-7195-136-8
Shivani Bothra, Sanjeev Bothra

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