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Published: 09.09.2007
Updated: 15.07.2015
Varganas, Vargaṇā, Vargaṇāa
Grouping of physical particles, Energy fields

Vargana is a cluster of a large number, generally infinite, of paramanus. Varganas are classified on the basis of number of paramanus (in a range) in the cluster. Though the clusters could be of infinite types depending on the number of paramanus, twenty-three main types of varganas have been recognized. Each type has a range of number of paramanus. These varganas broadly fall in two groups.

  1. Mass less varganas (4 touch) - first thirteen types of varganas belong to this group. The paramanus in these varganas are in unbound state.
  2. Varganas having mass (8-touch)- the last ten types belong to this category the paramanus in these varganas are bonded, and bonding is supposed to produce the mass.

Because of the charge of paramanu the vargana could be visualized as a field. These vargana fields are physical and each field has a frequency range. The nature and character of each vargana field would be different due to variation in the number of paramanus in the varganas.

The varganas can be compared to Morphic fields of Rupert Sheldrake. Each type of vargana makes up a specific type of field having a particular application. For each field there is a wide range of frequency and for each frequency the charge of paramanu can vary over a wide range.


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