An Introduction To Terapanth: [22] The Memory-Feats of Avadhanavidya

Published: 20.11.2008
Development of mnemonics and mathematical skill through mental concentration

Can you imagine that human brain can be developed like a computer through proper training? Yes, this is exactly done by Avadhavidya. Intense memorization is possible through deep mental concentration. This type of learning has been practiced for a long time in the Jain tradition. A person who is adept in “Avadhana” is able to remember long complicated verses, multi-digital numbers, sentences of known or even unknown languages, as well as solve difficult mathematical problems. At present, there are many monks and nuns who are proficient in this type of mental concentration. There are some who are Shatavadhanis; a few are Ardha-sahasravadhanis, and one even Sardha-Sahasravadhani.


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