An Introduction To Terapanth: [16] The Doctrine of Daya (Compassion)

Published: 17.11.2008
Updated: 18.11.2008

Acharya Bhikshu interpreted the doctrine of Daya (compassion) also in the context of spiritual purity. He said, “To save oneself and others from committing sinful activities is the true sense of compassion.”

He said that compassion and non-violence couldn’t be separated from each other. Mere saving of life is not compassion just as death in itself is not violence. The intention to kill any living being is violence and that of non-killing is compassion. Compassion is not intended to sustain life of the living beings. True spiritual compassion is that which inspires others to develop self-restraint, saves them from sinful activities and causes a transformation in one’s heart through persuasion resulting in making one non-violent.


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