Peace Through Dialog 2007 - Samani Param Pragya : The Science Of Swar (Breathing)

Published: 24.01.2008
Updated: 09.01.2009

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The Science Of Swar

Samani Param Pragya
Samani Param Pragya initiated in 1981 by Acharya Shri Tulsi and Mahapragya is M.A. in Jainism and in Science of Living. She has studied Aagamas under the guidance of Acharya Mahapragya. She is a qualified Yoga and Meditation instructor and has participated in many meditation camps, seminars, conferences and conventions.

The Science of Swar is related to our breathing. Our normal breathing has two phases - inspiration and expiration. This normal bodily function of breathing in and out is called "Swar" where air flows through our nasal passages alternately, not simultaneously.

The Three Categories of Swar

Chandra (Moon) Swar or through Left nostril Surya (Sun) Swar or through Right nostril Susumna (Madhyam) Swar

For an average individual, the Science of Swar (breathing through particular nasal passages) offers four advantages:

Good Health
Optimal timing of the various activities of life
The knowledge of future events - good and bad.
The knowledge of how to earn happiness and prosperity.

The science of Swar says that when we breathe through the left nostril, our right cerebral hemisphere is activated and emotions like faith, religion, humanity, wholesome behavior, spirituality, knowledge, and a peaceful state of mind are experienced.

When we breathe through the right nostril, the left cerebral hemisphere is activated and intellectual pursuits, thinking power, philosophical points, mathematics, speech and its analysis are executed.

 Swar and Health

Right or Sun Swar - alleviates poor digestion, indigestion, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure, asthma, joint pains, inflammation of various joints and cough-related chest diseases.

Left or Moon Swar alleviates high blood pressure, palpitations, arrhythmia, feeling scared and urinary infections.

Sudden illnesses like acute pain in the chest, back, muscles or chronic illnesses like migraine, asthma or high temperature can be reversed by physically changing the active Swar, that is - if the current Swar is left, immediately change it to right and vice versa.

 Swar and Successful Endeavor

Success is more assured if one leads with the foot or uses the hand corresponding to the active Swar when one commences work.

 Food and Swar

To eat when Right or Sun Swar is active and drink when Left or Moon Swar is active, leads to a healthy life.

Sleeping and Swar

Right or Sun Swar during sleep, that is, sleeping on the Left side is recommended. Sleeping supine when the Susumna Nadi is active is not conducive to restful sleep. In this posture, one can experience nightmares and bad dreams.

 Waking Up and Swar

During waking up, it is ideal to be in Right or Sun Swar. However, during awakening if one notices Left or Moon Swar, then stay in bed longer until Right or Sun Swar becomes active.

Waking up with Right or Sun Swar (i.e. on your left side) leads to a fresh and active day.
Waking up with Left or Moon Swar (i.e. on your right side) leads to fatigue and laziness.

 Good Relations and Swar

When speaking to an angry individual, if we keep our quiet (inactive) Swar facing him, his anger will diminish because the quiet Swar's cool energy will counteract the heat of individual's anger.

 Moving Into a New Home & Swar

Moving into a new home in Left or Moon Swar is more auspicious and results in peace in the home and loving relationships among family members.

 Starting of Auspicious Activities & Swar

If one starts auspicious activities in Left or Moon Swar, success becomes more assured.


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