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ISSJS - Study Notes - A Collection of Papers, Articles, Essays

Published: 05.05.2008
Updated: 30.07.2015


It is an honor to present this updated Version V.2.0 of collection of papers /articles /essays termed as ‘Study Notes’ and prepared under the auspices of The International Summer School for Jain Studies. These distinguished scholars, who are the experts in their field of activity, are the faculty members of the school during the last three years and have contributed to these notes.

The entire academic program of the school is designed to give a comprehensive experience of all aspects of Jain philosophy, history and way of life. This syllabus is being continuously updated based on the feedback received from the visiting scholars attending the school since its inception in 2005. The curriculum designed keeping the needs of learned scholars from countries like USA, Canada, Russia, Thailand etc. attending the summer school and adopted for ISSJS2008, is made a part of these essays to give a complete overview of the academic program. We earnestly hope that the curriculum meets the aspirations of the visiting scholars turned aspiring students of Jain academic studies and the visiting scholars become conversant with Jain culture, religion, philosophy, and society etc. and take steps to do further research and contribute to the knowledge on Jainism. References for further research are provided at the end of each paper. We have used diacritical marks, placed at the beginning of the notes, to present Hindi / Prakrat and Sanskrit words and verses in original form with English translations.

These essays reflect upon the Jain wisdom rather to say the essence of Jain way of life. Jains claim their religion to be eternal with its first tīrthańkara Lord Ādinātha and the most recent Lord Mahāvīra showing the path to attain liberation /salvation. Jain religion had been revived from time to time by a series of 24 tīrthańkaras/ omniscient lords. Keeping in view this aspect, we have included essays on Jain religion, philosophy- cosmology - metaphysics - psychology and ethics along with papers on Jain history, culture, preceptors, evolution of different sects, rituals, art and paintings, pilgrimages and their importance.

This collection is not yet complete, as few papers from some faculty members have not yet been received. We expect to complete and update this collection by giving handouts from time to time and compile the final edited version by December 2008.

It is expected that this collection of essays will succeed in its aim and give the message of Jain spiritual prowess, Jain way of life, its practical approach to non-violence, vegetarianism, international cooperation (parasaparopagraho jīvānām), Live and let live to all the living beings (klişteśu jīveşu dayādrbhāvam) and friendship with all (satveśu maitri).

This note will be incomplete without expressing our heartfelt thanks to the authors and faculty members of the school who have on a voluntary basis taken the time to prepare and present these papers. Also, we thank you, the visiting scholars from overseas to the school, as you are the sole aim for which these papers are compiled. Kindly do provide your valuable suggestions to make these papers worth your and future attending scholar’s time.

New Delhi
Dr Shugan Chand Jain

International School for Jain Studies

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