Eagle's Eye: The Rule For Success: Acceptance Of Possibilities

Published: 28.11.2007
Updated: 10.11.2008

Central Chronicle
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Man becomes disappointed because he does not know the rules of anekanta. He forgets that no condition is permanent.

There are infinite modes. Within us a lot of potential possibilities are hidden. Coal can turn into diamond. Today this is a definite fact that coal can become a diamond. The potential to become a diamond is latent within coal. Everything has the ability to become anything. This is the belief of anekanta. Few things are impossible. Sentience cannot become insentience and insentience cannot become sentience. Other than this everything else is possible. There is no rule which prevents change from one to another or from becoming another. One can become anything and everything. All the possibilities are there. In one small grain of sand all its properties of smell, colour and touch are there. One particle of sand is infinitely sweeter than one particle of sugar.

We are engaged in meditation only with the acceptance of possibilities. Within us there is infinite conssciousness, infinite knowledge. There is enlightenment (kevallya) within us. We have infinite strength within us, infinite bliss. Acknowledging the possibility of manifesting all this, we perform our special meditation. If these possibilities did not exist then who would spend so much time on them? Who would withstand such trouble and, in spite of being a sensory being, give up al the pleasure of the senses? If we sit huddled away from the world spending five to six hours in meditation and kayotsarg, it is only because we know these possibilities. They are know. It is also know that from the above means they can become manifest.

Illness is a condition. It manifests and man becomes ill. To be healthy or ill is a condition. It is within us. Its possibilities are there. With its manifestation, disease disappears. We have infinite possibilities of good health within us. With their expression, disease disappears.

Man becomes disappointed because he does not know the rules of anekanta. He forgets that no condition is permanent. Each condition keeps changing. If the condition of disease is presenting itself. We can turn it into a condition of health with our effort. if today the condition of sorrow is being manifested, then tomorrow it can be the condition of joy. One, who has the ability to accept this possibility will never face sorrow, will never fall ill. He will never spend his life in bed. He will awaken his dormant energy.

There is a story in Sanskrit literature. A learned man came and told the king, "Your majesty, accept my greetings. I have come as your guest." The king said, "Who invited you? Who invited such a tattered looking man?" The man said, "Your majesty, I am your brother. Why do I need an invitation?" The king was shocked. "How are you may brother? You are a fool. You are mad." The man replied, "Your majesty, you have not recognized me. I am a cousin on your maternal side, not your brother." The king said he did not understand. The man said,

Apada ca mama mata, tave mata ca sampada
apat sampada bhaginyau tenaham tava bandhavah

"Your majesty! My mother's name is misfortune and your mother's name is fortune.
Both misfortune and fortune are sisters.
I am your mother's sister's son. Sir, I am your cousin."

The king was extremely pleased with what the Brahmin had said and gave him many gifts and embraced him as one would a brother. 

Central Chronicle, by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg.
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