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JVBL - Souvenir 2007 - Non-Violence In Today’s Volatile World

Published: 08.01.2008
Updated: 07.01.2011

JVB London - Souvenir 2007

Non-Violence In Today’s Volatile World

Man is the only creature blessed with a developed consciousness. He is aware of and understands human nature itself. In this age where immorality is predominant, it may be difficult to respect human value, however it is not impossible. One can live amidst immorality and yet not get influenced by it. This reflects the strength of one's beliefs and actions. During those moments of weakness, when a person's consciousness is liable to be destroyed, the one who remains unaffected improves his inner self.

A person with a strong value system never breaks down. The hunger for power, ambition, indiscipline and decadence, all play havoc with human morality. At different times in history, these problems have had different levels of impact on society. Today, there is a greater manifestation of all these problems. The seriousness of the situation requires a serious search for a solution. When violence is so rampant, the importance of ahimsa as a way of life seems to be an ideal answer. Reversing the moral decline in society and raising the level of human consciousness requires a radical change of perception and values. The principles of non­violence, charity and simplicity in our lives can facilitate the restructure society.

To be successful in any Endeavour, one needs to know his strengths and weaknesses. In a competitive and demanding world, people attempt to achieve more than they can handle. This leads to low self-esteem and lack of faith in oneself. Leading a life of highs and lows makes one feel helpless, lost, weak and all alone. Life seems to be one moral or social problem after another and one often cannot cope.

Fear, doubt and lack of faith are breaking the human spirit. We cannot deny the existence of these problems in society but they are not insurmountable. We therefore need to be realistic and pragmatic. We should strive to be spiritually stronger and live life on a higher plane; achieve satisfaction and success and move from darkness to light.

JVBL, Souvenir 2007

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