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Prof. Dr. Hope K. Fitz

Published: 20.07.2010


Eastern Connecticut State University Webb Hall # 356 Willimantic, Ct. 06226


Phone: (860) 465-4606



Dr. Fitz is a Professor of Philosophy at Eastern Connecticut State University. She is a comparative philosopher by education, teaching, research/publications and professional activities. Her Ph.D. is in Asian and Comparative Philosophy. However, her teaching and publications are broader in that they involve western and non-western philosophy or as she would prefer to say the philosophical traditions of the north, east, south and west.

Dr. Fitz’s book, Intuition: Its Nature and Uses in Human Experience, is in its second printing. She is presently writing the first of four volumes having to do with Ahimsa: a Way of Life (Basically ahimsa means non-harm and compassion.) She also has numerous articles published in scholarly journals. Three of the articles appear in anthologies. These articles include both western and nonwestern topics such as: Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger, “Conditions for Individual Freedom as Applied to the European Union (co-authored with a colleague in political science), Islam, Ahimsa, Gandhi, Intuition, Self-Discipline in the process of Self-realization (An account of the Yoga view and Gandhi’s view of selfrealization, co-authored with another philosopher from Panjabi University, India) and the Mystical Experience.

Dr. Fitz in 2006 received a scholarship from the Academic Council of the Academic Study of Jainism in North America for the International Summer School for Jain Studies ’06 in India. Thus, she was in India for two months studying the Jain tradition. The study involved travel to nine cities on the West Coast of India. Also, for three weeks following the summer school, she gave eight talks on Ahimsa: a Way of Life in Mumbai (Bombay), Ahmadebad and New Delhi. The talks were sponsored by Mr. R. P. Jain, one of the owners of the publishing firm, Motilal Banarsidass, which published Dr. Fitz’s book on intuition.


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