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20. Tirthankara Munisuvratnatha

Published: 14.04.2016
Muni Suvrat, Munisuvrata, Munisuvratanātha


Father's Name Sumitr
Mother's Name Padmavati
Birth Place Rajgraha
Birth Tithi jayesth ku. 8
Diksha Tithi falgun su.12
Kevalgyan Tithi falgun su.12
Naksharta Shravan
Diksha Sathi 1000
Shadhak Jeevan 7,500 years
Age Lived 30,000 years
Lakshan Sign Tortoise
Neervan Place Sameed Shikar
Neervan Sathi 1000
Neervan Tithi jayesth ku 9

The 24 Tirthankaras


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