Acharya Vijayratna Sunder Surishwar

Published: 18.01.2016


Born: 05.01.1948, Depla, Palitana, Gujarat, India


Diksha: 1967



Born on 5th Jan 1948 in a small Village DEPLA in Gujarat , India Father Dalichandbhai and Mother Champaben were proud parents of their Son "RAJNI"


With religious upbringing and son Rajni's inclination towards DIKSHA at a very early age of 19 Father Dalichand and Son Rajni together took DIKSHA and became Muni Ratnasundervijay with Ashirwad from Acharya Shri Bhuvanbhanu Maharaj Saheb and started adhearing to Rules laid down by jain dharma with complete dedication and devotion which continues till date.


After taking diksa in 1967 and travelling extensively in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajastahn, MP, and other states of India covering Lakhs of Kilometers and causing PARIVARTAN wherever he went and in 1996 attained the most coveted "ACHARYAPAD"all this was only possible due to his samarpan bhav towards his guru.


After getting a permission from his Guru Gachhadhipati Jaygoshsuri Maharaj Saheb Gurudevshri reached delhi and stayed PUT in delhi for 4 long years and presented the facts to senior politicians and people of this country and his followers.


Gurudev addressing rally of lakhs of People in the National Capital "DELHI"


It was in 2010 Mumbai - Mulund got Gurudevshris Chaturmas and in 2011 that again in Mumbai - SANTACRUZ where Gurudev did Chaturmas with Gachadhipati Jaygoshsuri M.S and met many other Dharma Gurus and people in political circles who were concerned about the "PEOPLE", their "SANSKAR" and in turn brought about "PARIVARTAN" in the lives of many all across the globe


Gurudevshri after getting go ahead from Gachadhipati "Jaygoshsuri Maharaj Saheb" started a Petition to put a complete "BAN on MEAT EXPORT " from India and "CYBER PORNOGRAPHY" and did Chaturmas in "NAGPUR" during this period where he got great support from politicins , Dharma gurus & people from all communities.


It was in the Year 2013 that Gurudevshri was conferred upon the most covetted "GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORD" for the most number of books Authored by a Person. This Award was ceremony was held in Raipur pm 1st Sept 2013 when 275th book " A Itihas nathi vartaman che" was released and the journey of writing books continues...


Gurudev in conversation with Amit Shah


Gurudevshris Chaturmas is in Mumbai, Pravesh in July 2015, Prior to Pravesh Gurudevshri will be having a series of Pravachans all across Mumbai.Gurudevshri all time biggest Pravachan will be at NSCI Grounds. Worli - "TRAIN Your BRAIN ".Gurudev in Conversation with High Level committee


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