Albrecht Weber

Published: 30.07.2008



Born on 17.2.1825 in Breslau.

His father was an economist. In 1842, he went to Breslau University where he studied Sanskrit with A. Stenzler. He also attended lectures on classical philo­logy and history. He later went to Bonn and Berlin and then returned to Breslau, where, in 1845, he submitted his thesis Yajurveda Specimen cum commentario. The Yajurveda specimen is taken from the ninth adhyaya of the Vajasaneya Samhita with Mahidhara's commentary. The Devanagari text is followed by a romanised transcription, a comprehensive commentary and etymological explanations make up the remainder of the text.

A travel grant from the Prussian Academy enabled Weber to stay in France and England from 1846 to 1848. During his stay there he collated manuscripts of the White Yajurveda.

In 1848, Weber qualified as university professor in Berlin. He became associate professor in 1856 and was appointed professor in 1867. He died on 30.11.1901 in Berlin.



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