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Published: 01.11.2012


Jinasena (जिनसेन) is the name of several famous Jain Acharyas of the Digambar tradition.
  • The author of Harivamsha Purana in the 8th century. He belonged to the Punnata branch of Jain monks.
  • The author of Mahapurana in the 9th century, he was the disciple of Virasena and he completed his teacher's famous commentary "Dhavala" on Kashayaprabhrita. Mahapurana includes Adipurana and Uttarapurana, the project was completed by his pupil Gunabhadra.
  • The legendary founder of the Khandelwal Jain community.
  • Jinasena is also the traditional name of the Bhattarakas of the Sena Gana seat at Nandani.


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