Vijaya Dharma Suri

Published: 27.10.2011
Vijaya Dharma Sūri, Vijayadharmasuri, Śri Vijaya Dharma Sūri, Śrī Vijayadharma Suri


Born: 1868
Passed away: 1922

Murtipujaka/Deravasi Info

Diksha: 12.05.1887


Vijaya Dharma Sūri was a learned Shvetambar Muni, who is famous for his support of western Jainology. So he advised the scholars of indology Hermann Jacobi and and Helen Johnson.

In the Year 1902 he opened the Yashovijaya Jaina Pathashala school which was removed to Varanasi in 1903. Two years later, in 1905, he founded the Hemachandracharya Jaina Pustakalaya library.

Birth name:
Mula Chandra
Place of Birth:
Mahuva, Kathiawar
Rama Chandra
Kamla Devi
Initiated by:
Vriddhi Chandra

Vijaya Dharma Sūri was awarded with the title of an acharya by a brahmanical community in Varanasi, which he accepted. According to Paul Dundas (The Jains, London: Routledge 1992, p. 227) , "he took the view, that all religions are essentially the same and that adherents of different faiths had to have respect for the truths which were to be found in other traditions." He passed away in 1922 in Shivpuri.


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