Published: 16.12.2003
Updated: 02.07.2015
Praan, Pran, Prāṇa, Prāṇas

Vital force or energy.

It is the Prana within every living beeing, that gives it existence, material form.
If there had been no prana within an object or manifestation there would be no form; it would gradually crumble and go out of existence.

When Prana leaves our body then we will be clinically dead and gradually our form will disintegrate.

Taking first and last breath (e.g.) connects/disconnects us with Prana.

The "source" of Prana is Mahaprana.

  • Inside objects/bodies/manifestations - it is named Prana.
  • Everywhere else Mahaprana

To understand the function and meaning of Prana in our individual bodies, Prana is seen in a pranic system of 5 pranas.

Different scientists have called it by different names.

  • Mesmer called it animal magnetism,
  • Reichenbach called it odicforce,
  • Blondot called in N-Rays;
  • Soviet scientists named it bioplasmic energy and
  • Czec scientists named it psychotronic energy.
  • Russian scientists, Mr. Acnnyon and Mrs. Valentina Kirlian developed a technique of photographing this energy and it can be seen by anyone in photographs and by electron microscopes.

The navel is the centre of the samana prana, the centre of Tejas power and of the element of fire.


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