Chaturmas 2007 : Udaipur - Photo Report - 2007 July (2)

Published: 11.08.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

Our Kolkata correspondent

Sushil Bafana

visited Udaipur in July, where H.H.Acharya Mahaprajna is staying in 2007 for chaturmas.

- Part 2 -

After Pravachan on 22nd July, H.H. came to the place where Sadhvishrees are staying. Many Sadhvis and Samanijis are welcoming H.H. , among others Sadhvi Vishrutvibhaji (r), chief niyojika.
One session of workshop was held in presence of Mukhya Niyojika Sadhvi Vishrutvibhaji.
All delegates came to brief Yuvacharyashree about the deliberation of the workshop, their formal introduction, and finally to receive energy from him for their work.
Shri Jinendra Kothari talking to Munishree Jayant Kumarji before the final session of the workshop.
Samaniji before starting to Bangalore
Munishree Kishanlalji showing calendar with 5 Namaskar postures.
Munishree Kishanlalji giving explanations on the 5 Namaskar postures.
Big poster at the main stage of H.H.' Chaturmas place. In the evening of 22nd July, people were giving final touch to all arrangements, as H.H was scheduled to reach on 23rd for Chaturmas entry.

Supyar Bafana sitting at the entry point of new Terapanth Bhavan, Udaipur, where H.H. will spent his Chaturmas in 2007.
Supyar Bafana sitting at the entry point of new Terapanth Bhavan, Udaipur, where H.H. will spent his Chaturmas in 2007.

Shri Vijay Singh Surana who is main functionary standing in the entry to new Terapanth Bhawan Udaipur.
Shri Laxman Singh Karnavat, chief of Chaturmas arrangement committee, looking for boarding and lodging facilities. Very humbly and sincerely, Mr. Karnavat explained in detail all arrangements to us. He is associated with many Terapanth organisations since many years. In 1985 to 1986, he was also in charge, when Acharya Tulsi visited Mewar area. A person with so many capacities and at the same time so polite and humble.
Shri Nirmal Nowlakha, in charge of Upasak. trainer of Gyanshala trainers.
Nirmal Nowlakha
Sadhvi Vishrud Vibhaji addressing workshop of Saman Sanskriti Sankay (delegates are not seen).
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