Ahimsa Yatra : Barnala

Published: 08.06.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Barnala, 08.062006

Intellect Is The Base Of Success Or Failure

Ahimsa Yatra and H.H. Acharyashree with his monks and nuns were welcomed by Mr. Rajesh Jain who submitted the Welcome Address to H.H Acharyashree. In His blessing sermon H. H. said,

“The intellect of a person becomes base of success or failure. The intellect is of two types, one is malevolent understanding, and the other is benevolent understanding.

Where there is benevolent understanding, there is prosperity and practice of non-violence is possible.

Where there is malevolent understanding, persons are under problems and violence crops up.

People might be inclined to think that those who follow the path of terror, crime and violence are getting more wealth, comforts, and money. This thinking is not in the right direction, as earning in the wrong way results always in unhappiness. Further, they deceive themselves, their family, and make the society suffer from illness.

Following the path of honesty, righteousness and non-violence, one will not get into problems in present and in future. Those who want to live healthy, joy- and blissfully are realising non-violence and make it more effective.

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