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Aparigraha In About 25 Lines

Published: 22.04.2006
Updated: 30.07.2015

Subject: Your opinion about "Aparigraha" jain code of conduct...

Respected "Editors HN4U", Carla & Christian Geerdes, (Karuna & Aparigraha Jain)

Aparigraha is great name. Can you please express your opinion about "aparigraha" jain code of conduct & need vs greed related to (1) house holder like you & me (2) sadhu & sadhavi; in brief about 25 lines.

Thank you very much.
Jyotindra N. Doshi (Your jain faith friend)
Trustee, Interfaith Chair (Jain Society-Chicago)

(In 25 Lines)

Central view in Jainism is on soul.

Soul is the highest identity: “I am soul - I am no-body ”.
Born into this world, we come with empty hands and we leave empty handed. The traveller is soul. The worldly life is transient.

If we face this truth we do care about our non-transient soul, finding out by ourselves who we really are. Following the path of Tirthankara Mahavira fearlessly, we can learn to live a life on our own, out of our self and towards our self.

Born into this world we are connected to the world by our sense organs. This brings us into the world and brings the world inside of us.

In a spiritual life we don't open the doors wide to let the world inside - we learn to filter out what is addressed to us personally and how to handle it correctly.

Jainism is an age-old strategy to become a true human being who participates in a higher reality. As an embodied soul we have to have a sphere of interests around us to feed our body and take care for our life. So the best strategy for a householder to lead a spiritual life is to concentrate on those things, which proof to be necessary to fulfil the basic needs and to be careful in ones actions and consequences. The more we get into material subjects, the more we move into a world of conflicts and tensions.

Those who believe in their sense organs only - believe solely in objects of worldly matter. They learn all about the world and their attractive objects - but less about themselves.

Looking from soul as our true identity we better live in this world in a reduced sphere of interest. This is aparigraha, to practice restraint - and orientation for action is given by the knowledge where we come from and go to.

Munis and Sadhvis live in the world too. They scaled their worldly possession back to two articles of clothing - no home to care for - rambling - asking for food. Their spiritual life is according to the traveller “I am soul - I am no-body ”.

The more we live in the world of senses, the more we get connected and used to special states of feelings. If the state changes, our problems start. And everything in this world is unstable - subject of change.

Aparigraha means - keep the balance. Don't let the world eat up all your time.

From your Jain faith friend
Aparigraha Jain, (Christian Geerdes)
Editor HereNow4U
Berlin, Germany

jai jinendra
Respected Aparigraha Jain, (Christian Geerdes), Editor HereNow4U

your knowledge on jainism is very good.
i salute you & your Knowledge.
Please convey my "jai jinendra " to your family
membres,Relative & spiritual Friends.
Thank you very much.

Jyotindra N Doshi (Your SOUL faith Friend)
Trustee,Interfaith chair(jain society-chicago),
Jainism spiritual speaker(International)


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