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Published: 11.06.2006
Updated: 30.07.2015

Hisar, 11.06.2006

Ahimsa Yatra Is The Trip To Help To Solve Problems

Ahimsa Yatra and H.H. came to Hisar from the village Talwandi in a big procession. All Terapanth organisations and thousands of people joined the march. H.H. Acharya Mahaprajnaji will stay in Hisar for ten days.

One the first day in Hisar H.H. said in his sermon, “Ahimsa Yatra is the trip to help people to solve their problems. We have put the truth before the people.

Now it turns out that Ahimsa Yatra has become a research project, hundreds of volunteers are walking with us. We have tried to find out why there is no peace in society and why violent incidents are on the increase. Increasing violence is caused by the rich as well as by the poor. The poor are violent because of their poverty, it is a reaction to pomp and show of the wealthy. There is no solution to the problem until and unless rich persons do control their spending.

Where there is violence, that society is a sick one. When society and its members are not healthy, the economical situation is also not healthy. It is not fruitful to talk about ethics in religious gatherings and meetings; it should be realised in the way of life. People hear it, but they do not change because their unconscious mind had not been reached. Change takes place when the thought is accepted and reaches the unconscious mind. So we had put more emphasis on the aspect of practical training than on preaching. Violence cannot be stopped by police, or by force or by arms, for stopping violence, inner change is required.

Most necessary for the economist is to know religion and for religious persons to know economics. The philosophy of non-violence should be studied in this new direction.

It was a good thing that people gave us respect and love throughout the trip and have shown solidarity."

Hisar, 14.06.2006

10th Death Anniversary Of Acharya Tulsi

The 10th death anniversary of Acharya Tulsi, the great saint of the 20th century, was celebrated Ashad Krishna Tritya at Agrasen Bhawan. The chief guest was the vice-chancellor of Guru Gameshwara University, Dr. R. P. Bajpayee.

He expressed his views, “The teachings of Acharya Tulsi are very useful for the youth of the country. The youth should keep in mind the teachings and aim to serve humanity with real make up of mind. Acharya Tulsi did not work for the Jain community only, but had worked for whole of the humanity, which is as useful as rare in this materialistic world.” President of function was the poet Udaybhanu Hans.

Yuvacharya Mahashraman said in his sermon, “Persons who want to progress in self-development can find guidance through life and teachings of H.H. Acharya Tulsi.

People who do not use their full energy are unfortunate, but also those persons are unfortunate who do not have energy to make use of. There are great saints taking only little from society, but giving very much to it. Acharya Tulsi was that type of person. He showered love and affection and faced every adversity with courage. Celebration of this auspicious day means to put the energy into welfare activities of the society.”

Many dignitaries were present, including the asst. commissioner of Hisar, the minister Mr. Hari Singh Saini, Sri Nemchand Jain, managing director of Marwar Tea Estate, former JVBI vice-chancellor Dr. Mahavir Raj Gelra, Dr. Himat Singh and others.

Hisar, 16.06.2006

Practice Of Ethical Values Is Religion

In his speech at the two days Anuvrat workshop, H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna said, “A frequently asked question is why there is rampant corruption, when there are hundreds of religious heads and so many religious sects. What had happened to religion? Right conduct should be the result of following religion, but they are not coming up.

If we go deep into the question, we will find that religion is covered with rituals. When this cover is removed, the real face of religion will come up. H.H. Acharya Tulsi had given new shape to religion and asked to follow morality. Morality as base of human life is realised spirituality. To change behaviour is the main purpose of Anuvrat.

Instead of talking about religion, we have to practice it in our life and bring about change in conduct. Anuvrat is aiming at this eternal truth. It was needed in the past, is needed in the present and will be needed in the future."

Hisar, 17.06.2006

Necessity Of Religion To Control Desire And Wealth

Speaking at the Writers Meeting, H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna told the gathering, “Circumstances, situations and thinking are attached with writing. When any new problem comes up, attention is diverted to it and the writing changes. However, on the present problems very less is written. Therefore, it is necessary that we should have in mind the permanent situations included in new situations.

During our Ahimsa Yatra, wherever we went, we have tried to reach the root causes of the problems and found out that ego and emotions are behind it. When a student lives in an atmosphere of negative thoughts, he begets negative emotions.

In the past, news of national importance were published on the front page, but today, we do not feel good to see the newspapers' front page. When violence, murder and other negative news appear on the front page, the environment is polluted. This is also due to people's changed attitude. The big question rises what is to be done under these circumstances."

Hisar, 20.06.2006

Acceptance of Non-Violence Avoids Sufferings

When H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna arrived at Vidyadevi Jindal School, the occasion was especially graced by the presence of Urban Development Minister Savitri Jindal.

Yuvacharya Mahashraman, the able successor of Acharya Mahaprajna, said during his daylong stay at Jindal School. "Why a man should be non-violent? Violence does harm to consciousness. In order to avoid sufferings, non-violence should be accepted.

Every creature wants to live and does not want to die. Therefore, we must not kill any creature and not commit violence. At least, attempts according to own capacity should be made, as Ahimsa has many forms. Moderation, temperance and patience are part of Ahimsa.

Violence can be delineated into three types, unavoidable violence, defensive violence - offence committed in order to save the self and the country - and determined violence - when a man kills under the spell of greed. Determined violence has strictly to be avoided.

There are three areas of crime as well, procurement of money, result of lust and result of power. Power should become the medium for serving the people. Power used instead of being abused could be a gift to the wielder."

Hisar, 03.07.2006

Friendship Is The Greatest Power

Acharya Mahaprajna while addressing a public gathering said, “there are various forms of power in the world, but the greatest power is friendship. Lord Mahavira advised to let friendship prevail with all living beings. It is great to befriend someone. An egoist cannot befriend anybody.

There is beautiful statement in Dashvaikalik Sutra that an assistant, an aide is needed. One wheel is insufficient to move a chariot. With a good companion, the task is accomplished better.

Conventional friendship is based on give and take. A person shares something with a friend, which he cannot share with everybody. Spiritual friendship is unilateral where there is no exchange. A good friend is one who tells about the good. To be successful it is must to assist. A good assistant is also the one who tells about the good and is of a positive outlook. Where there is good, there is no dearness.

Friendship is a great principle. Friendship with water, air and plants never troubles you. Today, a lot of injustice is done to the earth leading to lots of upheavals. Even a small space of earth contains infinite number of creatures. There are certain domestic principles, which because of selfishness lead to strife. Where there is a feeling of equality nobody gets insulted. When the perspective of a person gets widened, injustice comes down.

If senility, disease and death were befriended, they would cease to trouble. With the wisdom of religion, befriend everything in order to lead a happy and good life. The situation changes where everything is befriended.

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