Ahimsa Yatra : Nabha

Published: 06.05.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Nabha, 25.03.2006

Ahimsa Yatra and H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna was given welcome by thousands of citizens and members of different social organizations. The rally turned in a meeting at the campus of R.S.Jain Public School. People of the administration and students took active part in managing the event. H. H. Acharyashree was given a civic reception. H.H. addressed the gathering, “During the last five years of Ahimsa Yatra, we are studying the social set up and try to find out whether people are happy or unhappy. Wherever we went, in villages or towns, people put before us their physical, mental and emotional problems. Some are unhappy, due to infighting in their family, some are unhappy, due to decline in business, some are suffering from disease.

We studied all these problems and concluded that there is no training and discipline in non-violence. Training and discipline in non-violence should include the training of self-restraint. Many problems crop up because people do not practice self-restraint. Without self-restraint on water, many problems will arouse. We should use the water as a miser man uses it.

Character can be improved and changed by education. There are two aspects of education, one is knowledge, and another is earning the livelihood. Today, the aim of education is only to earn money. So it has become necessary to impart training for the purification of the emotional area along with education, that will make human beings healthy.

Structure of the society should also change. Today's discipline is based on punishment, which is not able to create a good society. When the people's character can be changed, a better society can be build. Better persons, better society and a better nation will evolve through practical training in non-violence. The practical training is going on along with the sermons on non-violence in this Ahimsa Yatra. At many places, centres for training in non-violence are being opened. The people solve their problems and can live tension free. for oneself without regard for others produce violence."

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