Ahimsa Yatra : Sujangarh : Self Realisation - Key To Solve All Problems

Published: 04.03.2005
Updated: 02.07.2011

As long as we are not in contact with the soul, we cannot arrive at the just solution of a problem. We have entangled ourselves in the name of various Gods and various forms of his dress, but we must rise above his name and looks for finding solutions.

In every caste and community there are a lot of good people. They all do dress differently as per the customs of their community or religion. This does not really matter much, we must rise above the barriers of dress code, which are not really of much importance, rather being a bone of contention. As well we should not bother ourselves about their colour of their skin, we should rather try to feel their soul and go deep into their teachings, which might give us the solution to our problems.
My association with Gurudev Tulsiji has taught me to perceive within. This results in never trying to distort the facts. To accept the truth is always useful and delivers good results. On the basis of facts, our psyche takes shape and our belief in the truth makes things easy. Otherwise we create illusions and doubts, making things difficult. If we try to understand the truth, the finding of solutions to problems is possible.

When we sit with eyes closed for half an hour every day during one year and try to perceive inside, our thoughts would turn positive. A person perceiving himself will be more able to solve his problems as a person without contact to himself. Big personalities in politics are often proud about their wisdom and power, but fail to understand other’s viewpoints.
We should open out our inner eyes to build a non-violent atmosphere and make an effort to develop our moral values in such a way, that these pave the way for changing the psyche of people. Through training of non-violence we facilitate development for the unity of mankind. All our thoughts should be concentrated to generate employment, solving the financial problems of society, of mankind, to enable people to live happily and in a peaceful manner.


Swami Dharmananda, Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Delhi

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