Ahimsa Yatra : Tohana

Published: 29.05.2006
Updated: 02.07.2011

Tohana, 29.05.2006

The Ahimsa Yatra entered into the town of Tohana with a big procession, which started from I.T.I. Simbal Road, passed through Station Road, and turned into a big meeting in a Pandal, erected in front of Terapanth Bhawan. Here the Civic Reception was accorded to H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna. The chief guest of the function was the parliament secretary of the Govt. of Hariyana, Sardar Pramveer Singh. Other main guests were the head of Gurudwara Singh Sabha Tohana, the president of Terapanthi Sabha of the State of Hariyana, Sri Padamchand Jain. H.H.

Acharyashree Mahaprajna told the vast gathering on the first day of his four day stay in the town that leading a happy life is the most important for getting the right direction in life, “There are many problems in the agriculture state of Punjab. Due to poverty and alcoholism, people of the state are not happy. We heard their problems and gave suggestions to them how to overcome them.

The most important thing is getting the right path. When the path of life is straight like railway lines, people definitely will achieve happiness. In this way, everybody should take the strong determination not to chose being unhappy.

Religion, which has utility, helps to solve the problems of life. When the teaching of non-violence is not put into practice and behaviour, it has got no utility. Religion is to be practiced in life, not only in principles. To make clear the practical value of Ahimsa Yatra, we have started to train people in non-violence at every place we went. Our training in non-violence teaches people how to change their hearts although there is a great lack of employment opportunities. Persons getting no jobs might be turned into terrorists when they stay untrained. Practicing a non-violent lifestyle makes life pure. This means that religion is not to be practiced in religious places only, but also at work and in the market. Purity of working places and market has wholesome effects on the whole society.

It is important that rich persons in power change their lifestyle as well. The so-called big persons extend violence with their pomp and show and unnecessary spending. Unless and until the rich will note change, the solution of the problem of violence cannot be solved.

Tohana, 30.05.2006

On the second day of H. H. Acharyashree's stay in Tohana, Terapanth Kanya (girls) Mandal welcomed Him with accepting the five vows in writing and submitted to Him:

• I will not resort to suicide.

• I will not go outside.

• I will not indulge in intoxicants.

• I will recite Mantra and read spiritual books.

• I will visit the saints daily.

The head of Hariyana Kalyan Samiti, the chairman of Hariyana Govt. undertaking Confred also presented his welcome address.

H.H. Acharyashree in His sermon said, “To make life pure it is as necessary to have renunciation as the breath for the life. Previously the items of consumption were limited and there was labor and tolerance in life. Today there are ample means of consumption and life has become a symbol of consumerism.

Although a householder needs money and material values, he must also limit them. If we want to solve the problem of poverty and hunger, the only solution is to follow the path of self-control.

It is difficult to end the distance between the rich and the poor unless and until the rich people do not voluntarily contribute to the welfare of the poor. One who has nothing cannot renounce, only one who has got many objects by his sweet will, is really able to renounce. Renunciation is one of the greatest powers of a human being. India has got a honourable position in the world due to this power of renunciation.

Tohana, 31.05.2006

On the third day of His stay, Terapanth Kishore (teenager) Mandal (group) offered the same five vows in facilitation of H.H. in Tohana. H.H. Acharyashree accepting the written pledge papers asked the boys to also take the vow not to demand dowry when they are going to marry. They accepted gladly.

H.H. In his sermon said, “There are two words, individual and society. To live peacefully in society, the individual should always feel solitariness. The ultimate truth is that a person takes birth alone, experiences the maturing of his Karma alone, works alone and finally dies alone. Forgetting this truth will in suffering. Therefore, everyone should practice the Contemplation of Loneliness everyday.

Tohana, 01.06.2006

Today was the day of Hajari. Every monk and nun stands in a line according to his or her rank in the order and recites his Surrender Paper loudly.

At this occasion, H.H. said, “There are two aspects of religion, the vows and the discipline. Vows relate to the ultimate reality where the person only sees the soul. One who sees the soul rises up from the position of the knower and the known.

It is most important to have discipline and right conduct in life. In regard to behavioural path, Tirth Dharma is followed. Persons ignoring the behavioural path, also ignores the Tirth Dharma.

The basic of Terapanth is its constitution. As this constitution is valuable for all, it creates feeling of unity and oneness among all the members. H.H explained the different clauses of the Terapanth Maryada Patra. All the monks and nuns recited the Maryada Patra, which was announced by Sadhvishrees Malayaji and Tanmaya Prabhaji.

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