Be Your Own Therapist: 'Preksha Yoga Therapy' Tour Report: Berlin (2)

Published: 06.07.2006
Updated: 19.11.2014

A series of Workshops by
Swami Dharmandji & Nirmalaji
[Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi]
Be Your Own Therapist “Preksha Yoga Therapy”
(learn how to cure, control and even reverse some ailments)

Berlin - Workshop (2)

Stress Management & Depression

Berlin 02.07.2006

Early in the morning, we had meditation practice at Preksha Meditation Berlin centre with Karuna & Aparigraha.

At 11:00 am, we went to the house of Amit Ranka, who was born in Gangashahar, Rajasthan, and is living since more than 12 years in Berlin. Amit has got another son, named Kiran, about one month ago. We met also his wife Lara and his son Ramon. We had lunch with them.

Amit Ranka with his 4 weeks old son Kiran

(R to l) Lara Ranka, Karuna, Amit Ranka with Kiran, Nirmalaji

Then we started to Trupti Traudel Pandya's yoga school for the second workshop. At 4:00 pm, there were 12 students present to attend the workshop on Stress Management and Depression. After the introduction by Trupti, I started my presentation. Aprigraha managed laptop and power projector. Karuna nicely translated the presentation.

Trupti introducing Swami Dharmanandji to her students

In the stress management presentation, I talked about causes and symptoms of stress, stressors, and the effects of stress on the body. Then I explained the diseases arising due to stress, and how to manage them. Change of lifestyle and practice of Preksha Meditation techniques will relieve stress and do not let stress come in.

Swami Dharmanandji during the presentation

The next presentation was on Depression. Everybody in his lifetime faces this illness sometimes. When it is related to any particular event, it is cured easily. But when it becomes chronic or major, it is dangerous for health. Symptoms, causes, effect on body and mind, and treatment were explained to the participants. After some questions and answers, Nirmalaji demonstrated health-rejuvenating exercises. After that, I guided the participants in Kayotsarga, Deep Relaxation. It was well received and everybody seemed to be happy to have the practice.

Health-rejuvenating exercises are the more helpful, the earlier started...

At the end of the workshops, all joint for a group photo


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