Conference 'Economics of Non-violence...' - Report [7.01] - Declaration Session (1) Delhi Declaration

Published: 11.06.2006
Updated: 15.02.2008
Declaration Session

Followed by the Samanigaan, Dr. S. L. Gandhi delivered the welcome address. The Delhi Declaration was then read out by Dr. Ashok Bapna, Organizing General Secretary of the Conference and Director, IILM Jaipur. The Declaration is as follows:

DELHI DECLARATION December 7, 2005

The first International Conference on "Economics of Non-violence and the Vision of a Sustainable World" was held at Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, New Delhi during 5-7 December, 2005.

After two days of intense deliberations and consultations with national and international experts on the link between Economics, Non-violence and Spirituality, on the solemn advice and direction of Acharya Mahapragya, the following Declaration is being issued:

  1. We believe that in the present day world, economic development is not nonviolence-oriented. That's why it has given rise to serious problems like wide-spread corruption, unemployment, hunger, organized violence, extreme selfish mentality leading to economic exploitation and social inequalities in the world. Both the developing and the developed countries have become the victim of these ills and are now seeking an alternative model of development which can save them from the impending dangers and disasters.

  2. We believe that in the alternative model of economic development 'Ahimsa' should be at the centre-stage which means that there should be a limit on wants and desires. Wealth should be regarded as a means of human welfare, not an end in itself, there should be a check on the accumulation (sangraha) and possessiveness of individual wealth and also on its use for personal consumption.

  3. There should be a greater emphasis on employment-oriented, poor-oriented and village-oriented development and to operationalise it, small sector development should be preferred as against large sector and mega sector development. Economic largesse is mainly responsible for the present day economic ills like exploitation and joblessness. It is only under this alternative model we would be able to achieve the goal of a balanced, coordinated and development of the relative economy.

  4. A detailed economic road map on the basis of non-violence, ethics and truth should be prepared so that humanity may be saved from the impending crises. The earlier it is, the better it would be. Elimination of hunger should be, at the top of the alternative agenda of 'Relative Economic System'.

  5. To carry out the vision of Acharya Mahapragyaji an "International Centre for Economic of Non-violence" is being established with a view to give a concrete shape to and evolve the strategies for sustainable world development.

  6. We believe that it is imperative to bring about a change of heart of the people for achieving this objective. Human labour should be given full recognition and adequate compensation should be given to labour and workers should be protected from all sorts of exploitation.

  7. In order to bring about a fruitful revolution, it is imperative that an effective technique to bring about the change in the systems of human beings, which are responsible for human attitude & behaviour is implemented. Some techniques such as meditation, yoga and the science of living are already available which may be experimented in this field also.

Ashok Bapna, Director, JIILM Jaipur, Honorary Visiting Professor, CTI, CMS, HCM RIPA, Jaipur & SID Country Coordinator - India, Mobile: +91-93145-09414


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