Fearless And Free From Tension And Pain

Published: 06.08.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

Our physical system has an inbuilt capacity to tolerate much pain. The body releases certain chemicals to subdue pain. It would be even better when one's mental outlook subdues the pain. This is achieved by making an attempt to establish a kind of friendliness with the ailment. We should make an effort to design our mental make-up in such a manner that it can help to liberate us from fear, worry and tension.

In fact, we get tense and we drown ourselves in oceans of worries and the consequence of this is the aggravation of pain. On the other hand, if you cultivate fearlessness and become tension-free, you will hardly realise the pain despite its presence.

The phenomenon of pain is not experienced equally by all, because no two people experience pain the same way always. Many factors influence the intensity of pain. Fear and worry, for instance, enhance pain. Cowards tend to cry over trifles. Some are fearless to the extent that they do not even wince despite being hit severely. Fearful people make mountains out of molehills. How we react to pain and to what extent it affects us is dependent on our emotional condition. One's state of mind is instrumental in determining the presence or absence of pain and if pain is present, the degree to which it is experienced.

To free oneself of tension and suffering is the preliminary step towards establishing an amicable relationship with the ailment. We have witnessed people suffering but their strength lies in centring their faith in the disease. Faith can help establish friendliness with pain. We change tremendously with the transformation of our feelings. With the transformation of feelings, our bodily chemicals also change, and as a result our whole behaviour changes. Faith transforms feelings, changing our outlook and attitude.

The power of determination is part and parcel of mental conduct. Friendliness with pain can easily be established by the power of determination. There is an adage regarding a prosperous, wealthy and great king, whose only son was Anathi. He was married and had all comforts and luxuries. One day he felt terrible pain in his body. The best doctors in the land were summoned. Anathi realised that despite all the efforts of his parents, his pain did not subside. His brothers and relatives did their best but the pain remained. His wife ministered to him with tears in her eyes, serving him but failing to relieve his pain. Intense suffering got perpetua-ted and nobody could do anything to reduce its intensity. How long would this go on?

Anathi could bear the pain no longer. Since all external remedies that were being proferred failed, he determined to change himself. There was no other way. He resolved that if he became a muni then there would be no suffering from pain as munis do not feel pain. He tried to nurture this determination into his being. He succeeded owing to his deep determination.

Although Anathi's pain had been intense, he slept comfortably due to his determination. When he woke up he did not feel the pain, as if there never had been any pain. Now Anathi became a muni. By the power of determination, one establishes friendliness with the ailment and forgets the pain altogether.

(As told to Lalit Garg)


More about Anathi: Anathimuni and King Shrenik [Jainpushp.org]

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