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Science and Spirituality: Dimensions [6] Exploring the Quantum Jump from Psychosocial Evolution to Spiritual Evolution

Published: 08.08.2007
Updated: 15.02.2008

A depth probe suggests that the characteristics of psychosocial evolution and spiritual evolution are as under:

Psychosocial Evolution

  1. The unit of life is experience. The accumulated experience is called cultural belief structure, which is the subjective dimension.
  2. It leads to mechanistic and repetitive behaviour. One is a doer or the experiencer. It adds stress.
  3. It implies living in a dimension where there is violence, fear, search for security, pain and pleasure; it conditions the mind, decreases the sensitivity and lowers the level of expression of consciousness.
  4. It is open to environment and closed to the Absolute. It is antagonistic to nature.
  5. It leads to classical logic (logical and scientific reason).
  6. It has the dimension of self-awareness but cannot understand the whole. It deals with a part.
  7. It is governed by successive consciousness.

Spiritual Evolution

  1. The unit of life is witnessing. There is no accumulation of matter. It leads to ending the cultural belief structure.
  2. It is creative and spontaneous. One acts as an observer or witnesser. As there is no conflict, so it ends stress and leads to a self-relaxed state.
  3. It implies living in a dimension where there is no conflict; it deconditions the mind, heightens the sensitivity, it leads to self-actualisation of the highest quantum energy potential, and it leads to peace, freedom and bliss.
  4. It is closed to the Absolute and open to the environment. It is in commune with Nature.
  5. It leads to quantum logic (unfettered philosophical leason).
  6. It has the dimension of self-awareness and understanding. It understands the wholeness.
  7. It is governed by consciousness.

Encyclopaedia Of Jainism


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