27.11.2021: Preksha Meditation

Published: 27.11.2021

Posted on 27.11.2021 07:31

Process of turning consciousness inwards:

The moment the sense organs lose contact with the outside world, the mind, freed from the web of uncertainties, becomes concentrated. The rays of consciousness then begin to penetrate inside. Inaction outside gives birth to inward action.

The awakening of consciousness inside is introversion. A question may here arise as to how consciousness turns inside from outside. Not an unnatural question. But the fact is that consciousness never so turns; it is always inside. Only in the state of introversion, its flow changes. A change in direction takes place. The rays of consciousness which, before introversion, spread outwards, now radiate within. When the rays of consciousness flowing outward earlier begin to shine’ within, introversion takes place. In short, to be fully established in oneself is introversion.

Although consciousness generally flows outwards, this is true only of heavily-veiled consciousness. As the veils are taken off, there is a change in the direction of the flow. At that time, extraversion is no _ longer natural, rather unnatural; it is then replaced by introversion. In view of this, it is very necessary for introversion to keep itself secure from the onslaught of outer environment.

~Acharya Mahapragya

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