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Pratishtha Mahotsav At London Oshwal Centre (04) - Impressions On Sunday, 21st August 2005

Published: 31.08.2005
Updated: 17.11.2010

21st August 2005

Dr.Atul Shah, editor of renowned Jain Spirit Magazine, ready to take a photo of the Tirthankara statue positioned in a chariot, heading the procession to install the 6th Tirthankara Padmaprabha in his shrine. He was dressed in a traditional costume; his family had donated the statue and hosted its procession to the shrine.

Shree Chitrabhanuji and Jain Vidhikar from Mumbai (Bombay)
were waiting for the processions at the gate, opened in a ceremony one day before.

Shree Chitrabhanu (left), Kashaubhai Shah (right),
father of Dr. Atul Shah, with his grand daughters.

Shree Chitrabhanuji and the family of Jain Spirit editor Dr. Atul Shah know each other since 1971, when Chitrabhanuji came to Mombassa, Kenya, after he had left India. Since the age of thirteen, Dr. Atul Shah was in spiritual relation with Chitrabhanuji.

He was one of the spiritual masters, who had formed Atul's readiness to be open-minded, to spread the culture of Jainism, and to share it with the whole world as universal approach to peaceful and harmonious lifestyle on our planet.

Dr. Atul Shah is enjoying the lucky completion of the installation ceremony

Atul is dedicating his life for these aims, and said;

“I think, the construction of this temple and the publication of a spiritual magazine as Jain Spirit are in some way related. Both are cultural activities by which ethical values as peace and kindness to all living beings are reminded and propagated, badly needed nowadays where materialism and consumerism are in first range.

Jain Spirit also wants to create awareness for the fact that this planet of ours is the only one, future generations and we have got to live on. Therefore, it is our duty to maintain it and take care for the living beings, sharing this beautiful home with us. Lord Mahavira gave those teachings already 2600 years ago.

When people subscribe to Jain Spirit magazine, they are supporting the spreading of his universal message. A business community like ours should also keep in mind that cultural work contributes to peace and mutual understanding, we all are aiming to and benefiting from.

In addition, we are documenting the Jain tradition for the younger generation and bring it near to those all over the world, interested in the noble Jain values of cooperation and sharing.”

The ladies of the Shah family, presenting three generations,
were all beautifully dressed and enjoyed the ceremony.

The shrine with the 6 th Tirthankara is situated directly at the north side of the temple,

straight ahead to the right of the path from the Samavasaran stone,
which is flanked by Gautam Swami, first disciple of Mahavira, on the right,
and one lay follower on the left.

Southern view of the temple,

equally decorated by Tirthankaras in their shrines.

Estimated 7000 people were present for the ceremonies.

The food portions distributed, counted this figure. Everybody had to queue not more than 30 minutes up to the meal.

Perfect organisation: Volunteers admitted people only according to the capacity of the hall where the food was distributed.

When the food was received,

people were directed to the main tent.

The values of sharing and cooperation were realised on this wonderful Sunday. People shared their feelings of devotion and their needs, altogether realised by cooperation.


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