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Transformative Changes can save Humans & Nature

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 01.10.2020

We surpassed each and every difficult moment associated with this horrible corona epidemic with great zeal and smile. We managed to cope up with these drastic conditions of epidemic. Negativity, sorrows or grief does not break everyone.  Those people who get Affected Who are not ready to seek hope in despair, and do not learn how to survive from suffering and do not trust themselves. There is a saying that in times of trouble, those who are only sitting do not find courage to cope up with troubles. But at the time of lockdown in the world, there have been good and positive changes not only in humans, but also in the environment and the world of birds.

In every adversity; compatibility is born, birds have taught us in this transition phase. The world of birds has become happier and more livable than before. Its effect is beginning to be felt in their sweet sounds and the results of a research on this changed sound have given us a pleasant feeling.

The team of behavioral ecologist Liz Derryberry, studying these birds, has found interesting results. This is the same Derryberry that has studied the white crested sparrow for almost a decade. He explained this in detail, how increasing noise-pollution and urban noise over time has impeded the ability of birds to communicate. In such a situation, it is good news that during the lockdown, the sound of birds is more pleasant. The study began when people in San Francisco were indoors due to the epidemic. The sounds of the birds and especially the sparrow followed were recorded. The new voice was compared to their recorded sound before the epidemic and it was found that the sounds of the birds were more melodious and vocal than before.

Before the pandemic, the sound of birds was being suppressed in the human noises. It is not only about birds and sparrows, our environment, nature, river, waterfalls and plains have also become cleaner, soothing and attractive than before. This means that the convenient lifestyle of man has corrupted, polluted the entire creation, environment and lifestyle. The exploitation of artificial means, theistic lifestyle and nature has already put crisis on life; we do not even realize these crises. In view of positive changes due to the changed lifestyle due to Corona, we have been interviewed by the views of the real nature, the magic of the sound of birds is now being heard by us, the river-waterfall is drenched with clean water, nature and mountains are smiling.

By recording the sound of birds on the deserted streets of San Francisco, Derryberry and her colleagues revealed that both the sound quality and efficiency of birds have been vastly improved during lockdown. Especially male birds are more harmonious, they have to resort to their song and music to protect their territory and find new companions. Researchers at the University of Tennessee say that birds have changed their sounds more than they anticipated. This shows how noise pollution damages the sound of birds and the world. If we stop unnecessary noise and pollution, then the old world of birds will reverberate, which will also benefit us. This is the first research to scientifically evaluate the effects of an epidemic on urban wildlife published in the journal Science. It sheds light on a complex area of research and indicates how man-made noise has disrupted the whole of nature.

It is not only about noise pollution, but other types of pollution have also disrupted life. Today, all the schemes of human civilization and development are engaged in increasing every kind of pollution. Scientists believe that if a change in the behavior and sound of birds can be felt within a few months, then if the same environment is found for a long time, then how much will the entire living world benefit. The world can be filled with melodious sounds. If sparrows are starting to sing new songs in San Francisco, then obviously, in other cities of the world, birds will also produce sweet sounds.

 Research also indicates that stress levels in birds will decrease, leading to longer life, especially in urban birds. Studies related to the birds that live in the village suggest that their sounds remained the same before and during the lockdown. Another positive improvement has been the increase in the number of people who enjoy birds in their courtyard or garden. Of course, the happiness of birds will be useful not only to them, but also to us humans; will also become a medium of happiness, peace and positive change in our lives.

The misfortune of our lifestyle is that the sound of birds is far away, we are also deprived of the first rays of the sun, because we do not wake up even at the knock of the sun, then we fall asleep by turning the sides of the bed. It is a worrying point that where does the sun come down in the courtyard nowadays? The man surrounded the land with such high walls and made it tangled, whether sunlight and light, air also has to find ways to enter. Neither an open courtyard, nor an open roof, nor open windows, nor open doors, how could the shining sunlight and sweet sound of sparrow come in?

Conditions associated with a convenient and materialistic lifestyle are more deadly and life-threatening than the corona epidemic, if research is done on it, the results will be more alarming than the changed sound of the sparrow. Corona outbreaks and survival conditions have sent a big message to our lifestyle that the corona is time-bound, but your chaotic lifestyle is permanent, neither eating at the right time, nor traveling, exercise, nor balance of work , no contact, cohabitation among loved ones. Where are we able to gather birds in such a fleeing life and sunlight?  Today’s Lifestyle became such that man started doing everything to live but forgot the meaning of living himself.

The corona epidemic is a lesson in changing the lifestyle, being aware of the environment and nature. We have to be conscious about our body, mind, soul and nature. Everyone should take care of themselves and their loved ones. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, think well, forgive others, help others and trust in yourself. Do regular meditation and self-study. Learn to be equitable and comfortable. Take care of your loved ones.  Keep nature, environment and surroundings clean. Take care of life only. By doing this, not only the sparrow, the sound and nature of all the birds will become pleasant, the whole life will come alive after the sun enters the courtyard. This is the moment that we have to understand, capture and live.


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