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As We Enter Unlock1: Lessons to be Learnt Post Lockdown

Author:  Image of Lalit GargLalit Garg
Published: 02.06.2020

Now that the lockdown is partially lifted, it will help us return to normal life gradually. This is the moment that we have been waiting for and the thought of this moment is that we will have to make complete and careful preparations for patience and morale to live with the corona epidemic. The corona is going to run long and the number of victims from it will also be surging, so the real test begins now. May we make our soil so fertile that every fruit that grows will nurture the lives of many bringing the healthy environment of corona liberation to everyone. According to Mahatma Gandhi, the first responsibility of the government in democracy is to provide economic and social security to the underprivileged and the vulnerable.

The Lockdown periods should be a lesson, and should lead to a new lifestyle action plan. We have to be determined and make an action plan for tomorrow. Earlier all tasks and plans to tackle corona were layered by problems and difficulties. All the hard work seems meaningless. The resources seemed insufficient. Just as corona disease can penetrate easily in a weak body, similarly due to poor planning and weak system, this disease can quickly create havoc. It seems that we can fight corona, but we are not ready to live with it and defeat it. It is also a matter of thinking that thousands of people died during the lock down only because of its troubles. The serious issue is that even during the pandemic period, we could not make character; many cases of profiteering came up. Political parties and leaders are seen doing politics fiercely. But it is a matter of satisfaction that during this period, quotes of brotherhood and mutual support all over India brought tears to the eye and India remained attached to its roots which gave ideal values and ideal lifestyle.

Now the way ahead is difficult because such scenes can be seen from top to bottom on the political and social levels, where there is a complete lack of compassion and creativity in planning and the goal is stumbling on the steps. We have not learned regularity and we will not learn. Nowadays, there is a trend in the political environment and life issues related to the corona. Which issue is of public interest, is hardly of any concern. What they are really concerned about is their own self-interest. And the second wind which has come, is to make lobbies, to form groups. Neither the constitution nor principles seem to be obstructing it because "even thought" has become such an open word that everything is hidden within it. The power which should be applied in the interest of the country and society is moving in the wrong direction. Everyone is demanding public welfare schemes from the government, but they themselves are not seen doing public welfare. Problems are all being counted, solutions are not being created. 120 million people have become unemployed and industry-trade has stalled. The number of people living below the poverty line in the country is expected to increase from 21.7 percent to above 40 percent. But along with these sad aspects, a lot of pleasant news has also come so there is nothing to be totaly dismal. During the lock down, we have learned to live with less resources, more restraint and simplicity. Our environment is clean, road accidents are reduced, and expenses are controlled.

India can be called a fortunate country in the sense that its Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is a person associated with the land, he himself has led the Corona Mahasangram, now under his effective leadership, the financial conditions in 'Unlock India', without losing any time, speeding up the formation of schemes to tend to the poor and needy-people, whose vote has formed this government. It should be ascertained that the number of relief schemes that the government has announced so far, the number of relief schemes that have been made for the poor, have reached so many people in real terms. It is the responsibility of the government elected by the people to tend to the people's health, hunger and other daily needs.
Governments and its regimes often try to dilute the values at the social and political level by bemoaning the basic values of theory and order. Truth either be covered or naked, is not accepted. And those who keep the lamp of truth behind cast their own shadow on the way. The weapon to humble the nation and society is not the issue or lobby, not rank or glory, but is honesty. And to achieve all this, one should not compromise with honesty, because it is also a fact that nation, government, society, institution and constitution run in honesty, not false appearances, assurances and promises. Ignorance of obligation and honesty is not as cruel as death but far worse .Let Humans be humans in every situation. Human beings showing humanity in good condition and not being humane in bad condition, is like being slaves of the situation. Between the cruel and life-threatening conditions of the Corona catastrophe, politics and governance are expected to learn to behave decently by developing a tendency to understand the superiority and honesty of responsibility above our ego. Many people like to carry the disease instead of medicine for a long time, but do they not get destroyed while living? It is understandable to cool the dessert, but what does it mean to refrigerate till it becomes stale? We should not be the destroyer of people's faith but should be guardians. Hearing the knock of time and in the role of an ideal guardian, the government may have to run public welfare schemes by taking loans or printing new notes - it should do so, it should adopt the policy of the great sage 'Charaka' who resorted to loans to feed many. It is rightly said that 'Rinam kritva ghritam peewat' means that if you have to live life even after taking a loan in the time of crisis, then you should not go back because with this burden you will be able to live today, this light will give everyone the vision to find your home even in darkness and we will be able to get the right direction and right path for the future generations to come. With this, India can emerge as a new India-self-reliant India.


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