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Prajñā Parīṣaha

Published: 30.08.2018

1. A type of Pariṣaha (hardship);

the despondency created on account of failure in enriching the knowledge; the ascetic (Muni) should endure such despondency (by considering the lack of knowledge the fruition of his own Karma).

se nūṇaṃ mae puvvaṃ kammānāṇaphalā kadā.

jenāham nābhijānāmiputtho kenai kanhuī..

aha pacchā uijjhamti kammānānaphalā kadā.

evamassāsi appāṇaṃ naccā kammavivāvauaṃ..

(U 2.40,41)

2. To have the feeling of conceit of one's erudition such as, "I am expert in the knowledge of Āgamas (canonical works) and a versatile scholar of all disciplines; others are just pigmies before me"; such arrogance should be got rid of by the ascetic (Muni).

aṅga-pūrva-prakīrnakaviśāradasya śabdanyāyādhyātmanipun, isya mama purastāditare bhā- skaraprabhābhibhūtakhadyotodyotavannitarām nāvabhāsanta iti vijñānamadanirāsaḥ prajñāpan ṣahajayah pratyetavya ḥ.

(Sasi 9.9)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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