Published: 06.03.2018

Name of one of the six Varṣacihara mountains, (upholding the Varṣas or the seven regions of the Jambūdvīpa);

it is situated in north of Mahāvideha, south of Ramyak Varṣa, west of Eastern Lavaṇasamudra and east of Western Lavaṇasamudra and it acts as the dividing line between Mahāvideha Varṣa and Ramyk Varṣa regions.

mahāvidehassa vāsassa uttareṇaṃ, rammagavāsassa dakkhiṇeṇaṃ, puratthimillalavanasamuddassa paccatthimeṇaṃ, paccatthimalavaṇasamuddassa puratthimeṇaṃ, ettha ṇaṃ jaṃbuddīve dive ṇīlavaṃte ṇāmaṃ vāsaharapavvae.

(Jaṃ 4.262)

videharamyakayorvibhaktā nīlaḥ.

(TaBhā 3.11 Vṛ)


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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